Wardrobes From Verantes

“You are what you wear”, the 1979 article by Nancy Beach in The New York Times, pretty much summed it all!Verantes wardrobes are tastefully crafted as the befitting home for your delicately selected clothes & accessories.

Vaults Of Styles

From a caring mother to a feisty friend. From a pro-golfer to a philanthropist. Store your different styles in our contemporary wardrobes. Inspiration design for Inspirational people.

stainless steel wardrobes
stainless steel wardrobes
stainless steel wardrobes

Stainless Steel Wardrobes

Box Of Adorable Delights

They grow so fast, maybe too fast. One day they’re learning to walk and the next day they’ll be climbing their graduation ladder. Our designs are made to stand the test of time and emotions.

ss wardrobe
clothes set
stainless steel closet
wardrobes racks